About Me

I was spawned of the stars long before the foundations of the earth, and my spirit wandered free among the limitless wastes of the timeless universe, until the forces of fate decreed that my place in time and space would be here and now, in the brief lifespan of the bright green earth. When first I appeared on this earth, I was in the guise of a mighty Amazon warrior princess, which taught me courage, fortitude, shrewdness, and loyalty. My wanderings far and wide taught me the tongues of the great peoples of the earth. But sometime I was cut down by Fate, I hardly remember except that I was extinguished like a spark by water. Perhaps I died bravely in battle, or perhaps by a trick of an enemy, or some way I do not know. Thence my spirit returned to a wandering among the stars, forgetful of all I had learned, scarcely remembering my own identity. Then, for reasons inexplicable, Fate decided the time had come to plunge me back into mortal life. Some twenty years ago I reappeared, and I am now journeying in this new world, relearning my courage and shrewdness. I was reminded of my true name by a Greek professor, and am reminded daily of the tongues I once learned but have now forgotten, but their savor still lingers in my mind. I have some hazy rememberings of the old ways, but they have not yet been fully realized. I learn that I may someday fully realize this identity and use it to benefit the world in which I now live, for in some way we are all children of the ancient world.
Prudence, courage, fortitude, temperance, justice, and knowledge are ever needed in this world, and if all goes well, these shall be my legacy. I am Achillea, warrior of the modern world.


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