A Life in the Day…a Day in the Life…whatever…

I’ve only just now returned to my room.

I was practicing violin, more specifically, scratching angrily away at the Kreutzer Sonata, and giving it a bit more gusto than perhaps even Beethoven would have liked (and that’s saying a lot).  In another life, I’m convinced that Ludwig and I could have bonded over our angst. (I wonder if he was an INTJ, too. I bet he was).

As I was practicing, I slowly began to realize how much homework I still have left to do, and an exam yet-unstudied-for. So then I ambled back to my dorm, dragging my feet in a disconsolate sort of way, hacking and wheezing as I felt my lungs shriveling into the size of kidney beans from inhaling the cold, dry air. My roommate assures me that the pain I feel upon walking outside is just a construct of my mind. I’m not sure that’s true. I willingly moved into a frozen wasteland because I thought the education would be worthwhile or something…I don’t know. Is an education really worth having the air hurt my face and shriveling my lungs to a fiftieth of their normal size? Or facing a mortal struggle when I have to get out of bed in the morning because it’s -10 degrees outside and about 40 in my room? But I digress.

Upon my return to my room, I then settled down for some quality procrastinating, which resulted in this Beethoven-driven blog post. I haven’t had NEARLY enough time for procrastinating this semester, which is depressing.

Then I turned on Beethoven’s 5th symphony and listened to the 3rd movement twice, because why not?

I have had exam after exam this week, and professors pressing me to come up with paper topics for various classes, and my ability to write three papers all at once seems to be failing me. I can barely handle three exams in a week! Yesterday was an American history exam, today was an exam on Aeschylus’ Eumenides, in Greek. I have a Latin exam on Friday, for which I am very dedicatedly not studying at the moment.

I’ve had more than enough anxiety this week. I just want to blast my Beethoven, drink peach tea, and rethink my entire life.

The worst part of it all is that I have temporarily sworn off caffeine, which makes mornings that much harder to endure, but I think my bloodstream was slowly being replaced by tea and coffee, so something needed to change.

In a few succinct paragraphs, you learn the struggles of a terribly irresponsible student attending school in a frozen wasteland, who thinks her blog is therapeutic and whose mettle is being thoroughly tested by her workload, the weather, and about fifty other things as well.



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