December 27, 2014

Merry Post-Christmas to all! I hope everyone’s holiday season has been (insert adjective here). I’m sure it was.

I am currently on winter break, with only two weeks left until my return, and it has not been as inspiring as I was hoping, at least, not with regard to my creative pursuits. I’ve been working on an odd collection of stories here and there, and vaguely contemplated writing a poem, but other than that, I haven’t been very creative.

Instead, I somehow managed to dedicate a considerable amount of time to reading and translating. My crowning achievement of this break is rereading the entire Iliad in translation and parts of the Odyssey in Greek, all the while envying The Bard and his inspired words, all 30,000+ lines of them. Clearly my own invocations of the Muse have gone unheard. Either that, or perhaps I shouldn’t ignore this weird urge I have to write a poem called “The True Confessions of a Homeretic.” I am still unrepentant.

Here’s the way inspiration has been working for me lately: I must be up against some really pressing deadline before I feel inspired to do anything; and I must be procrastinating something else first, like a colossal English paper, or studying for a midterm. Self-imposed deadlines accomplish nothing; I’ve already tried that.

Wait until school starts again, then my literary brilliance will explode forth with unprecedented splendor (*sarcasm*).




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