December 13, 2014

Total hours of sleep gained this week: by my estimate, probably about 12 total.
Finals taken: 4.
Victory is complete and unconditional.

I am currently sitting in an airport with my laptop and a borrowed copy of The Great Gatsby, which I have only just finished. I have just finished one of the most stressful weeks of my life, of which barely-studied-for finals were but a small piece of the misery pie I was handed by fate. My soul is greatly disordered after all the turbulence of these last few weeks, but somehow, my brain hasn’t completely stopped functioning like I thought it would, even after having three difficult finals all stacked on top of one another. So, having reached the end of another semester, I’m merely going to say that I’ve learned a lot, improved a lot and been thoroughly humbled, beaten-down, and reshaped by my experiences. I’m not going to go on a sentimental binge, at least, not now when my words are so artlessly strung together and blurring the fine-line between high art and overwrought emotional drivel. I won’t pollute the world anymore than is absolutely necessary. Hopefully, more will be forthcoming from my metaphorical pen, once I’ve got my brain back.




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