What I Do

You may be wondering what it is that I do in my day-to-day life as a mighty warrior who is remembering a past incarnation as a ancient fighter (read my About Me page). I am many things: first and foremost a character in a cosmic storyline, a student, a zealot with a revolutionary spirit, a visionary, a poet, a musician, and cosmopolitan. Like Socrates I claim to be a resident of the world, because my blood contains traces from all the corners of the earth. If not my lifeblood, my mind also bears the traces of wide travels and wider influence.

My day-to-day life is spent in pursuit of knowledge, for it is knowledge that keeps this mad world suspended and spinning, and knowledge that inspires me to continue living. I study languages; the ancient and glorious tongues of the Romans and the Greeks. I study their minds, their thoughts, their arts, and I imbibe their lessons. I also study the language of music, and have learned to play violin, piano, guitar, mandolin, cello, and to sing. I love to express the truth and beauty of the universe through these skills, because music is the language of the universe, it is everything. Music has the virtues of mathematics and of spoken language, the virtue of precision and of expression simultaneously.

In my daily life, I attend classes, take exams, practice instruments, spend time with friends and learn new things every day. Every passing day strengthens my convictions that despite the ordinariness of it all, what is ordinary can be beautiful. There is very little of mundane life that cannot be made interesting with the right mindset. I have put my tears, blood, sweat and poetry into my pursuits, which is an attainment already.

In short, I am a creative force who seeks to find the connections in all knowledge and to use them for new modes of expression. Though there are many things I have yet to discover about the world and myself, that is who I am.




Old Blog, New Site

Greetings, Readers!

As you probably know, I have maintained a blog for a while via a different site. I have however become disenchanted with it and switched to a more cooperative site that does not disturb my formatting and change my spelling, hence the new web address.

My blog has long been the receptacle of my musings and literary creations (all of dubious literary value, but nonetheless entertaining), in which I plan to continue indefinitely. Now that I found a more cooperative website, I may more actively try to promote my work, which includes poems, an occasional drawing or photo, and randomness of all kinds.

My literary, artistic, and musical interests are diverse, though one of my primary interests in life is the study of classical languages and literature. I am currently double-majoring in Latin and Greek at my college. Currently, I plan to attend graduate school and earn at least an MA in Classical Studies, and thence take an active role in promoting Classical Studies at all levels. Champions of classical learning are often the catalysts of great societal changes, and let’s be honest, the world could probably use another Renaissance.

On a slightly more earthly note, this blog will probably end up being an eclectic mixture of classics, steampunk, lore from everywhere, and who-knows-what-else from my vast, random stores of knowledge. I love to read, and I love to write. The ars scribendi is one of the few things in this world that keeps me sane; my mind is constantly trying to condense every event into a narrative, and every sensation into a poem. Some of this will overflow onto this blog, hopefully some of it will be worth reading.

On yet another level, I am documenting my own personal anabasis. The terrain is intellectual, the adversaries are my own limits, and the reward is knowledge. Join me on this journey.

Achillea, Mighty Amazon Warrior